Sanirite Perasec – Broad Spectrum Disinfecant

Product Code : PER18
Pack Size
: 5 L, 25 L, 50 L
Concentration : 1 ltr makes 200 ltr
Aceteic Acid : 10% – 30% v/v
Hydrogen Peroxide : 10% – 30% v/v
Peracetic Acid : 10% – 30% v/v



FFDA approved, Broad spectrum disinfectant based on 100% biodegradable Hydrogen Peroxide and Peracetic acid. Perasec contains up to 3 times the active concentration of other peroxyacetic acid disifectants. It is effective againts all kind of micro organism even in cold water and is suitable for:

      • Food industry for quick disinfection of food contact surfaces
      • High-level disinfection in hospitals, clinics such as OTs
      • Disinfectant in CIP, COP & facilities in pharmaceutical, food and dairy manufacturing industries
      • Cold sterilant for sterilizing acid resistant medical instruments
      • Water disinfection


  • Eco-Friendly – Biodegradable
  • Broad spectrum activity – Kills all pathogen including spores & resistant strains
  • Safe & Non-Toxic to humans – No QUATS, Aldehydes etc
  • Excellent Surface & Material compatibility – Non-corrosive at in-use dilution
  • Excellent removal of biofilm and milkstone
  • Non-foaming formulation minimize CIP cycle time and improve CIP efficiency
  • Convenient to use – provides acidified rinse and sanitizer in one step – no post-rinse required
  • pH range tolerant – effectivr sanitizing activity at acidic to neutral pH


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