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Richards Chemicals and Electricals Pvt Ltd, established in 1998, is a leading chemical manufacturer of Speciality Chemicals for paper, textile, plywood and hygiene industry. Our manufacturing facility boasts of a capacity of more than 3 KT per month & our testing laboratories regarded as the best in the region For over 20 years we have carved a niche for ourselves as specialists whose innovative formulations are based on in-depth research to solve real issues being faced by our clients. Our impeccable quality and commercial viability have made us a trusted partner in our clients’ growth.

Our Brand Includes

SaniRite Conceptualisation

We offer a comprehensive range of Bio-based Green cleaning chemicals that redefine hygiene by giving TOTAL removal of Dirt, Pollutants, Germs, Chemical Toxins & Waste. Our RITE hygiene solutions “TAKE” feedstock from nature, “MAKE” safe chemicals that “GIVE BACK” by biodegrading & closing the loop by being “WASTE FREE”.
We believe that after years of attacking the earth, scientific innovations must now fulfil the dual responsibility of giving exemplary results in use, along with rebuilding the environment after use.
When you choose SANIRITE –
– You get Efficacy PLUS Non-Toxicity,
– You get Affordability PLUS Sustainability,
– You get Avant Garde Products PLUS A Trusted Hygiene Partner

Oxygen Powered Disinfectant
Advanced Green Chemistry
10X Efficiency of Traditional Chemicals
Residue Free Prolonged Freshness
Non-Toxic forusers
and facilities

SaniRite Value Proposition


Spotless Cleanliness

Specialised Technical Support

Toxin-Free Environment


Cost Effective

Improves Assets Life

Increases Operational Efficiency


Promote Employee Satisfaction

Fulfil Sustainability Goals

Win Customer Recommendations

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