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PRO OXYSHIELD is a professional range of Cleaner + Disinfectants. Being lightly concentrated they are very economical in use for professionals or institutions with higher volume consumption.

SaniRITE calibrated sprayer bottles make dilution easy, quick, and very efficient.

PRO Oxyshield Is a combination of SaniRite Disinfectant and a blend of high- performing, ecofriendly cleaning chemicals that are safe for human use and have superior dirt dissolving properties. It gives 99.99% germ kill and does not leave behind any toxic residues.

Our specialised cleaners effectively clean up organic contamination, inorganic pollutants, thick buildups etc. Our handpicked safer chemicals are synergistically effective at very low concentrations and do not leave behind any toxic remains or fumes for humans. They are completely free of usual harmful ingredients like bleach, ammonia, chlorine, aldehyde, phenol, etc. Our advanced additives leaves the surfaces feeling new, with a non-sticky shine that prevents early re- contamination and makes future cleaning easier.

Our disinfectant is based on 100% biodegradable hydrogen peroxide unlike the QAC based products available in the market. It is blended with trace silver and other safe ingredients, that drastically improve the germ-killing power at very low concentrations. Thus giving non-toxic and complete disinfection that is safe for everyday use.