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Until now disinfectant technologies have not kept pace with sanitization needs of efficacy, ease of use, safety, and sustainability. Now there is an alternative - SaniRite, a new generation of highly effective biocides that is safe for humans and the environment.

A CDC recommended biodegradable disinfectant, It is a synergistic blend of hydrogen peroxide, with silver and other safe ingredients, that drastically improve the germicidal potency at very low concentrations, giving a safer, non-toxic and complete disinfection in as less as 60 seconds

SaniRite Disinfectants are ideal for indoor and outdoor complete disinfection of air, floor and all surfaces. It is widely used in:

  • ● Food and Beverage sector
  • ● Food Manufacturing and processing Restaurants & Catering Kitchens
  • ● Hospitals, Medical Clinics, Veterinary Centres
  • ● Pharmaceutical, cosmetic Laboratories & Manufacturing
  • ● Other large public buildings Hotels, Clubs, Spas, Gyms Cars,    airplanes,trains, Buses Swimming Pools.
  • ● Institutional, Retail & Commercial buildings
  • ● Human Tunnels
  • ● Vegetables and Fruits
  • ● Electronics
  • ● Air Conditioning, Cooling Towers and Humidifiers