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Air foggant and surface disinfectant (GO)

Category : Disinfectant solutions

Product specifications:

  • SaniRite is FDA approved highly superior disinfectant
  • (1) CDC & WHO recommended for air fogging and surface disinfection (2) AIIMS recommended for decontamination of PPE coveralls
  • It is a total toxin-free & biodegradable disinfectant that decomposes to water and oxygen. It is human safe and food grade
  • Non-bleaching, non-corrosive, non-flammable: Safe on all surfaces
  • ONLY biocide with NO chlorine, No bleach, NO aldehyde, NO harmful chemicals


Available in sizes:

  • 500 ml sprayer bottle
  • 1 ltr bottle
  • 5 ltr bottle


For SAFER and PURER homes


SANIRITE GO redefines RITE Hygiene by providing TOTAL DECONTAMINATION - SANIRITE GO is FDA-approved.

It is a READY TO USE formulation proving all-in-one disinfectant for 360-degree protection giving Real 99.99% germ kill in 60 secs. Silver accelerated hydrogen peroxide is the disinfectant of choice globally in the healthcare, food, pharma industry and is the safest to use in places with constant human interaction. It contains 0.5% silver hydrogen peroxide. Safe for fogging and spraying at homes and offices



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How to use: