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Bathroom cleaner disinfectant

Category : OxyShield Oxygen Powered Cleaner Disinfectants

Product specifications:


  • Kills 99.99% of germs with food-grade FDA approved disinfectant
  • superior dirt, Limescale, and Soap Scum dissolving abilities with Oxygen Microbubbles and Biodegradable chemicals
  • Deodorises by real removal of odor-causing build-ups such as Mould.
  • Repels insects with natural extracts and uses no artificial fragrance and colors
  • Leaves 0% toxins with the use of safe chemicals. NO phenyl, chlorine, bleach, aldehyde, Ammonia, QAC, Phosphates, etc


Available in sizes:

  • 500 ml sprayer bottle
  • 500 ml refill pack
  • 1 ltr HDPE bottle


For SAFER and PURER homes

SANIRITE Oxyshield redefines RITE Hygiene by providing TOTAL DECONTAMINATION - One-step total removal of dirt, pollutants, germs & toxins. 


Oxyshield Bathroom Cleaner + Disinfectant is a READY-TO-USE acidic blend of Eco-Friendly ingredients combined with the superpower of hydrogen peroxide microbubbles.


It can easily remove daily hard water deposits, dirt, and stuck on soap deposits. It removes mold, kills germs, deodorizes, and leaves shiny finished surfaces, free of residues and feeling new. 


Suitable to be used for everyday cleaning of bathroom fixtures, surfaces, and fittings. Not suitable on marble

How to use: