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SaniRite by Richards Chemicals and Electricals Pvt. Ltd.
SaniRite, is not a product – SaniRite is a Lifestyle. A revolutionary one dedicated to ‘Rite’ the hygiene of the world we live in today - leaving it safer and purer for our children and future generations. A world where we have the power to protect our homes & loved ones AND fulfil our responsibility towards healing the environment.

We leave no stone unturned for our family and homes – Investing time, effort and money on the best hygiene solutions. But are we really doing it RITE? Are our homes really safe? Ever growing allergies, flus, virals, colds etc are all signs of those invisible microbes and chemical residues that are left lurking around in our homes and environment after all our efforts! And it is not just our homes – hospitals, schools, malls, offices – are all struggling to effectively eliminate germs from their facilities. It is clear that something has to change!

SaniRite IS that revolution – Giving you control of your hygiene - defying traditional norms where cleaning means dirt removal using strong chemicals, and disinfection means germs removal. SANIRITE redefines RITE Hygiene by DECONTAMINATING: Completely removing dirt, germs and toxins.

Commonly used cleaners leave behind chlorine and other toxic compounds. Herbal ones aren’t reliable either with their unproven formulas that never feel truly clean. You are left wondering what to choose – medically proven but toxic OR unproven but herbal?

We realized the end to this dilemma is an ideal solution where

'We are efficiently protecting our loved ones the right way'
'We are building a community which cares for a sustainable environment’

The urge to have the right solution soon enough became an AWAKENING when we had the hidden monster knocking on our doors - COVID-19.

And that is how 'SaniRite' was born – using a CDC & WHO recommended powerful, and completely toxin-free formula that leverages bio-degradable hydrogen peroxide with biosynthesized nanotechnology. It completely disinfects air & surfaces and leaves only water and oxygen behind, bidding goodbye to chlorine, bleach and ammonia compounds!
Our combined specialised cleaners provide superior dirt removal using safe and ecofriendly chemicals so at the end of the day you get a home that is dirt-free, germ-free, pest-free & toxin-free.

We thrive to maintain a safe and healthy environment by continuing our innovations in the eco-friendly mosquito repellents, antimicrobial coatings for surfaces, clothes, packaging, and non-toxic paints' segments. These are just a few leaves of the tree we’re watering.

Our mission

Our mission is to make homes, workplaces and our environment safer and purer, by giving hygiene a new dimension - with unparalleled cleanliness and a germ-free environment that leaves no toxic residues and biodegrades in the lap of Mother Nature.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a world leader with cutting edge products, that provide viable solutions for our customers hygiene problems through sound scientific research, precise and efficient manufacturing and a strong commitment to environment friendly chemistry.

Client Testimonials

Mr. Prabhakar Reddy
Purchase Manager, Deevya Shakti Paper Mills Pvt Ltd

““Richards Chemical’s product quality and consistency in performance are at par with products available in international markets. Their timely service and customer-oriented approach is something that we appreciate. As India’s leading paper manufacturer, we rely on Richards Chemicals for their sticky & gum removal chemical, in order to use recycled waste paper effectively and minimise rejects. After trying similar solutions offered by other vendors, we found Richards Chemicals formulation be highly effective.".”

Mr Manish Maheshwari
Operations Manager, Balakrishna Paper MillsLtd

“"Richards Chemicals has been an able partner in Balakrishna Paper Mills manufacturing process. Their technical team has worked closely with our production team to effectively implement specialty chemicals that help in repulping recycled waste paper by ink removal, sticky removal etc. Their solutions are highly effective and have been consistent in their performance since over 8 years.”.”

Mr Naman Nayar
Managing Director, Nitro AIDS pest control (India) Pvt Ltd

“Richards Chemicals has been an aggressive chemical solutions provider and I have seen the development of the entire SaniRite product range from the start. Being a Pan-India sanitisation service provider and pest control agency, I am extremely happy with my decision to give a chance to a product“Made in India”. From my first order for their disinfectant Muscle to the latest range of disinfectant cleaners EcoShield, a large number of my corporate clientele have happily moved to their products. Their products are international quality and so is their customer service.”